The Long Night

by O' Chancey

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We wrote “The Turn” more than two years ago without knowing whether or not we would make another album. The Other Shores carried us to new places with no vocals and no acoustic instruments, save the drums. While we may have a tendency to want to do something different every song, album or project, the goal is not to be different so much as it is to follow inclinations, inspirations and even convictions. We had a desire to bring together the worlds of Hymns & Hopes for the Cursed & the Blessed and The Other Shores. There was also a desire for a more cohesive and conceptual story, expanding the world we had already created. Thus, we find ourselves in the final stages of production for The Long Night.
Outside of “The Turn” this album was written over the course of 10 months. Matt was in school at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media during the initial stages of writing. I would record little pieces, send them to him and see what he would make of the ideas. Likewise, he would visit home in Oklahoma during breaks bringing new drum fills and beats in varying time signatures with new rudiments he had been learning and perfecting. Some of these exchanges and ideas have made it onto the album while some have been left out because they didn’t quiet fit the mold of the story and sound. Perhaps they will stake their claim on future recordings.
The Long Night has been the most difficult project we have worked on, and not necessarily because of complexity but because of deciding to be intentional about picking the right notes and hits that would follow the right notes and hits preceding them. We demoed almost every track prior to solidifying song structures and album order. As such, we put more detail and care into the recording of the album. Surely the effort will ring into the ears that listen to a song here and there or hopefully take the album for a spin from start to finish.
This is a concept album through and through, containing references and motifs from the former albums. There are varying characters and voices while leaving room for instrumental space. We love instrumental music and know we are not alone in this. Our hope would be that you would listen, enjoy, dissect and even wrestle with the claims in this story and the sounds that aid it.
May we consider the words, sounds, darkness and light in anything we see, hear, question or claim. May we never do something just to get a like or a follow. For followers will follow if they choose, but beware the one waiting for followers. Perhaps he or she is only waiting for likes, but it may be something much worse. For one with real truth and conviction would follow the leading of such convictions even if the world threatened death for claiming such a truth. One would carry on without any offer of sentiment or praise. Anyways, likes are fickle and when the likes fade we will see the worth of the truth we believed and the weight of the conviction we followed… or ignored.
Drew Chancey
February 2016


released February 26, 2016

O’ Chancey are:
Drew Chancey and Matt Chancey
All music and lyrics written and performed by O’ Chancey
Recorded by O’ Chancey in Edmond, OK
Produced and Engineered by O’ Chancey and Steven Servi
Mixed and Mastered by Steven Servi at Skies Fall
Guest Vocals: Brady Easter (”Eidóleion” and “A Conversation for the Deposition”)
Art Direction/Layout: Drew Chancey
Photography: Nejron Photo, Narongsak Nagadhana, Jezper, I. Grasbergs, Fred Fokkelman and Dundanim

Thank you family, friends, all who listen and everyone who gave it a shot. May you be encouraged in the long night and the moments of peace to live and love well. Thank you God, Jesus and Spirit for your vision, life and conviction. May this music be a small sound for the Kingdom and a humble light for the hearts at war in this world. Love, come fast.



all rights reserved


O' Chancey Edmond, Oklahoma

We are a band of brothers. Literally. We are brothers and we play music together.
O’ Chancey was born from the culmination of literal garage bands and these slightly more eloquent experiences with friends, poets, and other musicians. We are a progressive rock band from Oklahoma City. With a love for the intense and intricate we are seeking to stretch what we can create, perform and listen. ... more

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Track Name: The Sea is Waiting
The sea is waiting

‘Lift up your staff and
Stretch out your hand
Their walls are tumbling
I brought them up and I’ll cut them down
The fool’s wind and fire, it has come
Now lift high the sails
Shake off the dust
Can you call the floods or send forth the rains
These days are numbered
And the sea is waiting
The sea is waiting’

The sea is waiting

Should I stand or bow
When I see the clouds roll back and You carry on
Your reign, my Captain, my King
The sea is waiting

So, come on

The sea is waiting
Track Name: Eidóleion [Of the Black Shores]
Ancient golden mortals
Made their crowns their gods
Screams and dreams and visions
Come casting down their lots

Rocks and stones
The crumbled thrones of men
The Servant’s heel
Will crush the serpent’s head

I see them falling
(Falling down)
All of their swords and veils
(Will bow down)

Billows roll
Streams of smoke
Black smoke

They made anchors of gold
Scarlet threads for their robes
With silver lights for their shows
But could not hide that smoke

Freedom is standing on the backs of men
Steam for the engine, the blood is pouring in
See them, greet them
Kiss their rings and then they’ll welcome,
But I say turn and
Don’t you ever come back here

Don’t come back
Don’t look back
Don’t turn back
(No turning back)

I hear them calling
(Calling out)
Over the wind and gales
(Don’t’ turn back, no turning back)

Billows roll
Carry on
Track Name: Mainstay
If all was lost
Would we go our ways

And if all should fall
Will we fold our days

But if all that it cost
Was a few drops of blood
A cold-figured sum
Would we stay

Would we stay the course
And never look back, go on
To Love’s end of all that’s gone sad
Making life of the ash and go on

Terrible things are flying on wings
With longing eyes from above...watching
But they’re not what we think
Not monsters, beasts nor birds
No, they’re something much worse…

Lies! The terrible lies
Between the earth and skies
But what can divide?
For the reign shall fall
And carry this kingdom on

We share our lives
We take our bows together
We sing and shout
For the coming of King and Crown

The Word, our anchor, it says:
‘Come to the waters, come all who are thirsty.
Come buy, eat, drink and live. Don’t waste your
life on that which does not satisfy. Listen and
behold. Let go the old ways. The rain and the
snow water the earth, and so the Word does not
return void. For we shall go out in joy and be led
forth in peace. The mountains and hills will
break forth singing and so shall we!’

Stay the course and never look back, go on

The rocks and hills cry out
The waters make their shouts
Yeah, let earth and heaven be made one
Let kingdom come
And then we will never walk alone
Go on
Track Name: A Conversation for the Deposition
“Ah, welcome my friends.
Come dine. Come join me at the table
and let us feast together on this night!

Come with me and you’ll see.
I’ll show you all you could be.
You’ll be king. You’re name’ll ring
Upon the lips of men!

Clap your hands! Your fingers snap!
Pleasure… all you can have!
Take your drink and taste her skin...
All is yours to have!

Forks, knives, platters of food.
One man’s mistake is another man’s loot.
Women and gold. All this you’ll have.
Now come sit and drink!
Let’s have a chat...

Oh please do tell me of this
God whom you call king. Where is he?
So sure he’s coming? Why don’t you stay?
Your men look weak. Let them eat!”

Live by this bread alone
One Word can fill these souls
The law is written down
(The law is written on the hearts of these men)
No man here holds the crown
(Let them bear witness of the truth within)

“Look at the skies, at the earth...
Are men not like dogs piling scraps
and stealing dirt?
Women and children all singing their songs:
‘If God won’t show up then hope it did us wrong!’
Live through the night. Leave that behind.
Don’t’ waste your prayers!
Their God’s not coming!
Drink! Drink! Drink! Sleep…

Well, what do you say?
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
Tick tock tick tock…
La la la la la la la la la la la la la”


I knew a boy who saw the pretty things
The glitter’s black, he settled for the scheme
Oh, you knew him and you threw him to the sea
Your teeth are sharp, your tongue is slick
But I must persist
I plead Christ

“But when the cities, they fall
and the skies go black...
When the world starts to burn
will you then turn your backs?”

(Because of Christ)
We will arise
The sons in night

“Take the cup, the sting won’t last.
Drip by drip, the burn will pass.
Drink… drink… go to sleep.”

Take the cup, the sting has passed
But the fire is real
Drip by drip, do not forget the blood

All those stones we carried
All the dead we buried
Through the cold we tarried
The long night He carried on
For our souls He carried
(The long night song)
All of death He buried
(Our souls cry on)
Now through this love we tarry
(We hold tight on)
In the long night we carry on
(We carry on)

All our souls He carried
In the long night we carry on

Row, row, row the night is long

Hold on

The long night song
Our souls cry on
We hold tight on
We carry on
Track Name: Isles of Rest [Of the Frailty of Self & the Art of Denial]
Take me away before I damn everyone here, oh God

What was that You said
Who am I to listen to You
When my ears follow my red hands
To the white rabbit hole

And for fear won’t let go
And fall down
But let go You say
And free fall

No words or no wisdom can calm a mind
When it’s wrapped in the little sounds
They go: ‘Tick. Tock. If you love, how far,
what if, well then... I’ll let go.
Will You? Will You?’
There were voices singing…

Come with us they said
Follow us and you’ll see
It’s not far
If you’ll run down the river
‘Til you hear them singing back
Now go! Let go! Let go and run!
Run on
Down the river
For Your song
From the mountain
Where You are
From the river, on
Down the river where You are
From the mountain Your song
From the river Your song
From the mountain goes on
Track Name: The Night, The Ghost, The Epic
Love and Light, come on

I heard a voice sift through the night
The wind… no, it spoke twice:

‘Listen close, I don’t have long
The morning comes
All of life I took it drunk ‘til it was spun
Then one day while the sun, it held high
The winds were drawn, oh my soul how dry
The beast and all his demon crooks
They whispered things, my fears they hooked
I rowed away with one last look
I chased the night, my life it took

Oh the night…

They’ll give you all the things you want
In life you’ll live, in death you won’t
So listen close, your life behold
The rich man’s curse is life gone cold
The Light, the Light is coming quick
The crux and turning hand are fixed
Don’t drift to sleep
The morning comes’

In the cold
The long night chill
Hold to hope
For the morning will come

Keep to the Light
Come on

Light come fast
Track Name: For Whom the Plight [Of Power & the Unexpected Virtue of Suffering]
Chill of the night
Clouds and sky
Wait for the morning
The sun it rises
The winds are lifting now

Hear the cries of the people
As their beast smokes and burns

The time is now
For King and Crown
The walls come down

“Walk. Walk on water if you dare.
Fire! Fire and storms of water fill the air!
Know my name. I’m the people’s cry.
Learn my name. I’m the people’s cry!”

Fire! Water! Oh my!
Hell, stone, rain and storm
Really aren’t yours at all

We know your name

“My tongue knows your heart. I see it now!”

We know where our hearts lie
We won’t give our last cry to you, no

We know His name

“I am the beast ‘Devour’
I am the fool’s arm ‘Power’
I am ‘Time’ for the coward
Now hear the screams grow louder!”

But see with all that power
One man, a King, came lower
To name the poor man higher
While the rich screamed louder
But see with all that power
The grave went lower
To make death’s aim higher
Now His peace rings louder
Track Name: The Nearing of Light
Love, you had gone out to see
Light, you had followed your lead
Lost we would be if
Love had not taken the night

Love, keep us ‘til
Love, keep us ‘til

Gone are the fires of war
Peace is the blood that we pour
Walls, tear them down, build no more
For Love, He has taken the night

Love, keep us ‘til
Love, keep us

Hold on still
Light it comes in fast

Carry on
If we keep ourselves in the light when all else fades
Carry on
Can we keep ourselves in the light when all else fades
Carry on
We will we keep ourselves in the light when all else fades
Carry on
Love will keep ourselves in the light when all else fades
Carry on
Love will keep ourselves in the light when all else fades
Carry on
Love will keep ourselves in the light when all else fades
Carry on
Love will keep ourselves in the light when all else fades
Carry on